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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cat Archer - Fantasy Olympics

New small project I've been working for 5 days (concept - 3D sketch - final texture). It's my entry for modeling competition on GameArtisans.org . It's also another practice before I jump onto bigger project.

[Update Oct 2008] - I was happy to learn I won 3rd place in the competition. Here's the link

Final Render (Click on the thumbnail to see the full image)

Concept Art & 3D Sketch


Jason Kane said...

The cat archer reminds me of a very old famous PC game, Hero's Quest.

Excellent job on the model.

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Kenzi said...

Hey , if this is your author's character? Whether it comes from a specific game? I would like to know if I would accept to published your form with your signature , of course, on your website as an inspiration to cosplay ? I would like to create your Archeress in the colors of my character but use cut dress in some parts. What do You think about it ? Regards , Kenzi