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Monday, March 23, 2009

[DW IV] - Demon Princess Iryx (3D Entry)

Last Update: May 18, 2009

I finally completed my entry for Dominance War 4 on time. Well, not really on time. The server crashed during the last hour and it's down for good few hours because many people tried to submit their work at the same time but they give us 12 hour extension to compensate it.

Please visit my progress on Game Artisans HERE

Final Render/Beauty Shot

Presentation Page

Texture Sheet

Construction Page

Concept Art

High Resolution Sculpt (10 -12 days)
The final sculpt was done in ZBrush

Low Poly Models (4 - 5 days)
I used XSI mainly for the optimization and Maya 2008 for rendering.


3D Sketch (2 days)
This was done in Autodesk Mudbox 1.7.

WIP Texture & Shader (1 week) 

Please visit my work-in-progress thread on Game Artisans HERE


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Jason Kane said...

Nice costume design! Very creative concept!

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awesome bro...