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Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 Comicon Challenge - The Magdalena

This year I decided to model Magdalena from Witchblade universe. The goal is to make her stylized like in the comics with more superhero body proportion (and to represent Top Cow Comics of course). The full progress can be viewed HERE

Beauty Sheet

Presentation Sheet

Construction Sheet

Texture Sheet

[Update] - High Resolution model (Click to see the full image)

[Update] - Low Resolution Model

Concept Sheet

The Process

2D Sketch - 1 day

3D Sketch - 4/5 days

I usually start with concept art but this time I decided to jump right into 3D sketch first since I already know what I want to do on the model. But I'll do some sketches later when I'm not too occupied. I spent a lot of time on this stage to make sure that I get the proportion and the look of the character right.

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Unknown said...

Amazing works, congratulations !